Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review: Drop the Mustard 5th Birthday @ Sankeys, Manchester

After spending nearly an hour in the rain in a stationary queue surrounded by students I was not expecting high hopes of the night after it had been so anticipated after Dusky's set at the WHP. The venue still looks the usual tightly squeezed Sankeys with a new added one way system where you have to go through the centre of the crammed dance floor to get to the other side. The upstairs room now called Spektrum is much better than downstairs and the newly installed roof of light (where I imagine its name comes from) gave a real nice atmosphere to upstairs; it looks boss. This should be the main room. Shame the music wasn't loud enough, unless you were stood in front of a speaker, all you can really hear is people chatting. There is also a new feature of booths upstairs which are great for chilling on and the bouncers weren't arsed about girls standing on the chairs to get a good view. I hate to say it but I think that was the one and only time CJNT will be back at Sankeys....too many students with no clue about the music getting played....

Dusky was really banging playing a harder style tech house but it was just too unbearable in the basement room with everyone fighting for dance space. Maribou State were on at the same time as Dusky and also played a harder set than normal... for the start. They then went on to play some dated crap that the students lapped up. Back down to Krysko who was verging on a full techno set... music to our ears!

                                                  Dusky - Basement @ Sankeys

Other highlights of the night were Deep House sounds from Real Nice and Fort Romeau, will defo be checking some of their mixes out on Soundcloud later. 

                                               Real Nice - Spektrum Room @ Sankeys

Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: The Warehouse Project - 6th December 2013


Well I have to say, WHP was on top form for Bugged Out! Thanks to the amazing line up, happy ravers and no overcrowding (which as we know, has been a bit of a buzz kill this year). Highlights were Eats Everything, Chemical Brothers DJ set, & of course my favourite, Boddika...

The queue took about 30mins in the soaking wet rain to get in. We were entertained by watching some lads getting interrogated by the bizzie dogs for that entire 30 mins, but the lad held his own and they let him in, he came in behind us in the queue, stash in his bills! had a little laugh about that. 

Will Tramp - Room 3 WHP

On arriving we went to see our mate Will Tramp who was rocking out room 3 with some funky house sounds. Everyone was in here, it was packed and everyone was feeling happy, no pushing, which was unusual for a crowded room in the WHP. Room 1+2 were empty and it was a great warm up to what was going to be an exceptional night. 

Eats Everything - Room 1  WHP

Eats Everything set was next on our list in room 1 and I tell you what, it was boss from start to finish, as most of the sets were this night. We are actually going to become a big fan of Eats Everything as ive just heard there latest boiler room LEAF mix (check it out on our Mixes of all Time page), its definitely up there with best mixes.

Boddika - Room 2 WHP

Boddika had a decent set time on his second instalment of WHP 2013, I just couldn't make it till the end when I came to see him on 11th October, unfortunately the same time as the Chemical brothers who had to be swerved for the first hour! Boddika totally smashed it playing hard dirty techno and ending on his own track, Mercy. Lots of unheard sounds that il be checking out and getting back to you on! Thank god for Shazam.

Boddika - Room 2 WHP
Chemical Brothers followed on nicely from Eats Everything playing similar tech house sounds in room 1. The crowd really contributed to the good feelings that night, no pushing, people saying hello and just enjoying the good music. It definitely worked better been less overcrowded. Unfortunately i missed the first hour due to a sond clash with Boddika but the played a long set and i came just as the tracks were getting dirtier. Playing old traxx and new, il defo be checking out some of their mixes on SoundCloud.